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Adam Cellary
4 min readApr 24, 2019

What you see is important. It affects what you learn, what you do, and what you buy. You look before you click. You can never gain enough data and insights about your audience. Every interaction with your content is important, even a look. Each input matters, it could be indicative of the wider masses.

Have you ever wondered how useful it would be to see your items through the eyes of your customers?

With eye-tracking software, you have the ability to track your user’s eye movements. You will see exactly what they see when they are interacting with your content or items.

This is why we created RealEye.

When you combine this data with heatmap analytics, you have some powerful technology. This technology can be used to track the unconscious behavior of your users.

So how can eye tracking help you when designing your content?

When you use an eye-tracking software such as RealEye, you can uncover where a person looked first. You can find out what the most interesting part of the screen for the user is. and, are they looking where you want them to.

As a general rule, you have several seconds to grab the attention of your customer. You might try conducting surveys to try and figure out why you aren’t managing to engage your visitors. You might even asking them directly but only true data will tell you what is happening.

How (Real)Eye-tracking works?

Eye-tracking is a state of the art process which tracks users’ eye movements. A simple webcam watches the tester while they perform a test on your images. First, the process begins with calibration. This is where the system is learning how a tester’s eyes move when they are looking at certain parts of the screen.
After this is successful, we can measure the position of the eyes while showing them your item.

Studies prove that RealEye is around 100px (~1.5 cm) accurate with an average error on visual angle of ~4.17 deg. This accuracy allows you to analyze users’ interactions with your designs. With the most precise of analysis.

Using RealEye is simple:

  1. Start your item, upload an image or paste URL for screenshot
  2. Run analysis with even 200 RealEye testers allocated at random and get your results in just a few hours! If you want, you can also invite your own testers with a special URL. All they need is a laptop with a webcam!
  3. Get your results on playable heatmaps.

Eye-Tracking is accessible and affordable.

Eye-tracking software has actually been around for a long time. Now though, it’s available to everyone at a fraction of the price, Plus, it’s ridiculously simple to use. Eye-tracking heat maps are some of the most accurate data sources. They capture that all important first interaction with your item. Eye-tracking software will help you to understand where the main focus points of your users are. and discover how your audience will see it.

How valuable is it to know what is eye-catching about your item before you release your design?

Who will test my designs?

You can invite your own testers (all they need to have is a laptop/PC with webcam) or use our network of testers. We record their gaze path using our RealEye eye tracking software. The results will be genuine as it will be the first viewing of your item. Don’t worry, all our testers are in their natural environments and they’re not being recorded. This way there’s there’s no risk of a laboratory setting corrupting the results.

Why do we use only 20 testers? Take a look at the graph below, when it comes to UX testing, turns out you don’t need thousands of testers. You can discover design issues with 15–18 testers with ease!

So there you have it, eye tracking software like RealEye is an affordable, easy to use tool to test your designs or content. Providing you with some of the most accurate and important data.

Make decisions based on numbers not on “what looks better”.

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