Why you should consider using eye-tracking insights in your thesis or scientific research (and how to use online, remote version)?

What is eye-tracking?

Eye-trackers types - a quick review of solutions

  • extremely sensitive and accurate measurements,
  • allows eye movement measurements in horizontal, vertical and torsion directions,
  • a great choice for researchers studying the dynamics and underlying physiology of eye movement.
  • it can slip as the eye moves/rotates,
  • not everyone feels comfortable with wearing lenses,
  • you need to test your subjects in a laboratory by yourself,
  • costs,
  • you need experience in analyzing data.
  • movement can be detected in darkness or while the eyes are closed (can be used in sleep research),
  • in some conditions allows reliable, even miniature saccades detection,
  • allows blinks detection,
  • there are some MatLab libraries ready to use.
  • it’s hard to measure slow eye movement and to detest gaze direction because of the potential drifts and variable relations between the signal amplitudes and the saccade sizes,
  • you need to test your subjects in a laboratory by yourself,
  • again, not everyone feels comfortable wearing these,
  • you need experience in analyzing data.
  • non-invasive and comfortable for testers,
  • many optical eye-trackers are nowadays really accurate,
  • easy to use.
  • they can be pretty expensive (even a few thousand dollars),
  • you need to test your subjects in a laboratory by yourself,
  • you need some experience in analyzing data.
  • costs - in comparison to other solutions it’s the cheapest one,
  • all research can be done 100% remotely and fast (you’ll see the results immediately after a tester finishes his/her task),
  • external survey integrations
  • it’s easy to understand received results even if you don’t have any experience,
  • excellent and unique customer support — answering every question or request as fast as the team is able too (often even after working hours),
  • consultations online — whether you need help in creating the study or analyzing its results or maybe you have some feature requests, the RealEye team is always ready to help and discuss any issue.



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