Is your website clear, attractive and trustworthy?

Of course, your own page would almost always seem to meet these requirements FOR YOU, but would it for other visitors?

How about Slack then.

  • likeability of the page,
  • trust
  • offer understanding

You can see the whole reports below:

Now you can see how important it can be to get users’ feedback and not to trust just your hunch.

Now, what does the report contain?

  • how they liked the page -liking the page increase chance to trust it and to stay there longer,
  • would they trust it -trust is the first step to increase conversions,
  • what it was about -if a page communicates your offer well to visitors it’s more likely to increase engagement and reduce bounce rate.

What is the eye-tracking part for?

Not getting users’ feedback may be dangerous for your business.



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Adam Cellary

Adam Cellary

I love to engage in interesting and forward-looking projects. I am a mixture of scrum master interested in startups with strong technical knowledge