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Adam Cellary
2 min readJul 3, 2017

Do you want to see what your users see? Eye-tracking solutions sound really tempting but unfortunately laboratory tests cost thousands of dollars and require special hardware tied to labs. On top of that, you need a specialist who will take care of your studies…

Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to see exactly what your users see and not spend a fortune on that?

You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.

JavaScript tracker & WebGazer allows tracking users’ gaze

This is exactly why RealEye was born. Thanks to webcam eye-tracking software you are able to follow your user’s eyes and see exactly what they see while looking at your website. Combine this data with heatmap analytics and now you have really powerful technology to see users' unconscious behavior.

Using RealEye is really simple:

  1. Add projects, either image files or website URLs.
  2. Run analysis on 20 random testers and get results within hours! You can also invite your own testers with a special URL. All they need is a laptop with a webcam!
  3. Get results on playable heatmaps. Check the sample results page

How eye-tracking works?

Eye-tracking is an innovative method that allows you to track users’ eye movements. HD Camera is watching tester while he’s performing the test. The process begins with calibration, where the system is learning how tester’s eyes look like when he’s watching certain parts of the screen. After successful calibration we start measuring eye position while displaying stimuli (your project or website). RealEye studies are proven to be around 64px (~1 cm) accurate with an average error on the visual angle of 4.17 deg.
This precision allows analyzing users' interaction on a website with precision reaching the size of a single button.

You may still wonder why 20 testers? Just take a look at the graph below, when it comes to UX testing, you don’t need thousands of testers. You can easily discover design issues with 15–18 testers!

Check how it works now on our Instant Demo. All you need is a computer with a webcam, and you will see your results instantly!

Let’s say NO to bad design!



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